Sorry for n00b question but is there an index like sensex or Nifty that includes the sum total of the entire stock market?

Am I in deeeeeep trouble?

I sold NIFTY MAY 16000 PE ( last expiry of May ).


  1. Heavy OI for 16000 PE.
  2. Market in oversold region.

Presently in deep red.
But the data suggests market will close above 16000 for last expiry.

Will this trade workout well ?
Anyone in similar trade ?

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No one can tell for certain if a particular trade will work out or not. You should have bought a deep OTM put when you took the trade.
Now what you can do is either you can take delivery or you can sell the same put again next month or december month.
You should always have a plan B if plan A doesn’t work out. Hope doesn’t work here.

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