Sorry for n00b question but is there an index like sensex or Nifty that includes the sum total of the entire stock market?

Api (over) regulation – SEBI

i am speaking from experience and i have enough data to prove it.

Have you heard about tradetron (marketplace of algo strategies) ?
I was a member of tradetron and deployed multiple algo’s.

keeping the profitability of algo’s aside for a moment, it has close to 1lac members, 1000+ algo’s deployed everyday trading with client’s money in their api enabled accounts.

i have stopped using tradetron because, its riddled with bugs, crashes frequently, algo take positions erroneously. (sometimes selling a put, and failing to place an order for buy, thus leaving client a/c’s vulnerable to infinite loss),

You can join tradetron telegram group and see for your selves, everyday is there is some issue, where either tradetron fails to place an order, or places an order for wrong quantity or the algo owner fires order for wrong strike or for wrong ticker.

In one instance, one of tradetron customer lost close to 1lac because the algo owner fired same order 24 times by mistake.

These customers dont have any protection because of TOS of tradetron clearly states that any erroroneous trades because of infrastructure issues are not their liability.
Broker’s TOS clearly states that customers should bare liability if API triggered trades goes wrong.

With out knowing how ugly the API bots market is, please dont comment.
SEBI’s playbook is clear, even if it inconveniences some retail traders, they will try to protect the sheep (traders who takes risk, without knowing what they are doing).

To rephrase in the same example, you quoted, if road has potholes, SEBI will close the road until the road has no potholes, you might be an experienced driver who can navigate a pothole ridden road, but its not saef for general public to drive on a pothole ridden road.

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