DIVO Psychology of Behavior

DIVO Psychology of Behavior

Good afternoon !

In the MQL market, any strategy is based on predicting the future.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Grid or a Martingale or just a great overnight scalper system.

We are always trying to predict the future, even when we are driving or hoping for a better night’s sleep.

But when you wake up at 5 in the morning and think about deals, about the market or trading, then you are doing something wrong.

It affects you. The market affects you. This not normal.

Many people want to become a professional trader and even see their future in this.

You should not do this, your mental consciousness is a very subtle organism.

The psychology of a professional trader is already broken and I do not recommend you to sacrifice yours.

Therefore, we use automation, we refuse Grid and Martingale.

We use conservative risks and settings that have been proven over the years.

We sleep well and make a profit every day.

Then the reverse side of the coin appears and we want even more profit and try to find lost profits everywhere.

By the way, this is what large conglomerates in the market and marketing are doing.

This is greed, because You already get a stable profit, tomorrow you already want to become a millionaire.

No, trading is the same work and time. When you increase the risk, the broker sees it, the market maker sees it and they will go against you.

That is why the best systems in MQL TOP10 are constantly changing. Too explicit a strategy allows you to turn the market against them.

The more people use the same thing, the worse it is for them.

Therefore, excellent trading signals explode, and professional trading systems can be very expensive.

I never recommend manual trading in the market.

You cannot calculate all the patterns in the past, you don’t have all the quotes in your head, even in MT5 there are less and less of them, especially for ICMarkets MT5.

Previously, we always received 100% test quality, now something has broken and the quality is only 5%. ICMarkets, What’s going on?

Always test a trading system with 100% quality, always be aware of your risks and consider the worst case scenario.

Take small risks and if everything goes well, after a month gradually increase the risk by the amount of your profit for the last month.

Thus, the maximum that you will lose is your profit, but not the main deposit.

It is a long process and gradual.

In our strategy, we use a calm market. DIVO trades 6 currency pairs and you diversify your risk into 6 parts.

Even if something goes wrong for some currency pair, the rest of the currency pairs level it.

We use only 5% maximum risk and this is the theoretical risk.

It is a defense mechanism that provides security against a sudden market crash.

The average profit is 0.5-2% per trade and these are excellent indicators.

Take care of yourself and your psyche, it will still come in handy!

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