Sorry for n00b question but is there an index like sensex or Nifty that includes the sum total of the entire stock market?

Perfect price to Buy HDFC Bank

I am planning to buy HDFC Bank for the long term.

What is the perfect price to buy HDFC Bank? and can you recommend this stock for the long term?

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Good buy above ₹1300.

Wait for 1-2 trading sessions, since although its trading near the support area of 1290₹, it has been tested thrice now. So Monday/Tuesday closing can give a clear picture.

Since your view is long term I suggest you to not time the market. You may start accumulatung in parts at these levels. May be you can start with 40 to 50 percent of the funds you are ready to put in hdfc bank.
For example. If you wanna buy hdfc bank worth Rs.1lakh, put around 40k now.


A general thumb rule, when looking at long-term, price is not important.
The focus is on quality and Survivability.

Good stocks are never cheap in comparison to their peers.


I sold my HDFC bank shares today at 1305.
I expect a recession, so prices may fall further.
Maybe down to 1100 level.

I wait for 1050… Or invest 25 to 30% at current price. Thats my opinion

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