CAP RoyalHighQ EA

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Input Parameters 


  • Initial Trade Type:  EA will open Buy trade or Sell trade
  • Max Spreads (0-Disabled): Spread is the distance between Bid and Ask price of an asset. You can set filter for max spreads. If you not sure which spread to use leave this as default so that it use CURRENT BROKER SPREAD. 

    All Lots size in EA are dollar amount like 10$ or 100$. Don’t put like 0.01 or 0.10 like that. EA will automatic calculate lots size base on your lots account value. 

    Lots size Calculation=   Your Minimum Lots Size  * (Your Lots Amounts / (Current Price *  Minimum Lots Size))

  • Initial Lots Type: Select initial lots type. Lots will be Fixed Amount or Dynamic Amount base on account balance
  • Fixed Lots: Set fixed lots in amount (Example 10$ or 100$ like that). Don’t put your regular lots size like 0.01.  Note that this only work when your Initial Lots Type = Fixed Lotsize
  • XBalance: XBalance refers to your amount of capital available in your trading account. Where X is a number. For example if X is 100 means your balance is $100. If this function is enabled lot size will increase/decrease based on your account balance
  • LotsizePerXBalance:  Here is where command on how much lot size to increase if your balance increased. This function will allow you to put lot size which will only increase or decrease based your XBalance

    How XBalance and LotsizePerXBalace work 

    For Example, if your setting is XBalance = $100 and LotsizePerXBaance = 10 calculation will be as follow: (Your current Account Balance / XBalance) * LotsizePerXBaance = You Lots size. If you Balance is $100 then you lot size will be = 10, when your Balance increase to $200 then your lot size will = 20, $300 Balance your lot size will be = 30……

  • Max Lots (0-mean Disable): Your can set Max Lots size for initial trade (0-Mean Disable).
  • Allow Minimum Lots Size: If your set True and your lots amount will be lower then your broker minimum lots then EA will open trade with minimum lots. If false then EA will ignore to open trade. Example your balance is 100 and you set Lots Amount = $5 and your pair value is 1000 so as per you Lots Amount you lots size should be 0.005  but your broker only allow minimum lots is 0.01 So if true then EA will open with your broker minimum lots size. If false then EA will ignore to open trade. 

  • OnlyChartSymbol:  If True then EA will open trade only that chart you attach EA. If false then EA will trade list of pairs what you select by Paris’s input. 
  • Pairs: Set list of Pairs separate by “;” (don’t set others symbols for separator. Only use this “;”)


  • Max Grid Trades (0-Disabled): This input function will specify the Maximum grid trades. Grid trading mean when your initial trade in loss then EA will open several same side trade every loss distance. For example, if BUY BTCUSD trade is in loss, the EA will trigger another BUY BTCUSD trade and will not trigger any other trade if the trades are in profit. 
  • Grid Loss Type: As above, the grid gap is the space interval from 1 trade to another within the same Grid. In short its distance from Buy Trade 01 and Buy Trade 02. Select your grid GAP type. The EA has two Grid GAP type as below.  
    • Fix Distance: EA Grid trades will be based on this fixed distance. For example, you can set fixed distance from Buy Trade 1 to Buy Trade 2 interval. In addition this is constant distance
    • Custom Distance:  You can set custom distance for your every Grid trades


separate by “;” according to your desired settings by stating 5 points of Buy trade 1 to buy trade 2, then 8 points from Buy trade 2 to  Buy trade 3 and so on depending on the number of grid activated. 

  1. LotMultiplier (For Grid): Lot multiplier is a way of adding lot size automatically to every trade opened in a grid for the second, third and subsequent orders.
  2. AddLots (For Grid): Lots will be add from your last opened grid trade.
  3. FixLots (For Grid): Grid trade’s lots will be fellow your initial lots size.
  4. CustomLots (For Grid): Custom Lots for grid trades is the lot size which the trader use based on own preferred settings and custom lot must be separated separated by semi-colon(“;”). For example, Custom lot “10;20;30” means that trade one within the grid will be 10 lot, trade 2 will be 20 and trade 3 will be 30

KEEP IN MIND : Grid Lots all value are currency amount. 

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