Sorry for n00b question but is there an index like sensex or Nifty that includes the sum total of the entire stock market?

What are some of your biggest trading mistakes and what did you learn from them?

#14 Taking in Too much information

Knowledge is not always power. All data is not good data. Just because you can understand the information, doesn’t necessarily means you can use it. But the unlearning is a necessary part of learning, so might as well.

In the first 2-3 years I used to stare at multiple monitors for almost the entire day minus whatever sleeping I did. Reading every book I could find, following every trader I could on twitter, Watching minute by minute charts ad nauseum. This is generally because when we are dropped in a system where we don’t or can’t control many variables we spam what we can and that gives us comfort. I still have a tendency to crunch an ugly amount of data and information. But now I catch myself doing it, and divert myself elsewhere.

But yes Markets have a beautiful way of teaching the Price of everything but the value of nothing.

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