What’s your opinion on Wintwealth bonds?

If anybody is looking for similar investment avenues with equal or greater ROI and more safety then check out
I’ve invested and they pay on time and have had zero defaults in 2 years since they started. Its an invoice discounting platform where your money is invested for 82 days and the invoices are payable by reputed companies like Coca Cola, Amazon to name a few. Since period is lower and companies are reputed, credit risk is close to zero. Lesser known companies offer upto 11.4%. Ones like Amazon pay 10.2%

Wint’s current offering is lending to UGrow Capital, which is also raising capital from Vivriti Short Term Bond Fund via senior secured bonds ( which is an Category II Alternative Investment Fund . i.e. a fund for Ultra HNI clients as min investment is 1 Cr. And I’m sure rich people do very thorough due diligence compared to us retail folk)

That being said the idea of SEBI keeping the ticket size to 1 Cr for such product is to make sure retail folk don’t invest as the inherent risk is much higher than other debt instruments.

Again just my 2 cents, not dissuading anybody.

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